Condolences to the DiRaimo Family

It is with heavy heart the I am posting this, The ISHL lost another member this week. 

Jack DiRaimo passed on Wednesday after a long battle with cancer. Jack was not only a playing in the ISHL for several years, but also came back to be a coach for the Fair Creek Team. He will be missed.

Note from his father, Russ DiRaimo-

Today at approximately 5:30   my beautiful boy Jack passed away at his home. His passing comes with tremendous grief but also very real relief as the cancer that has tormented his body after almost 4 years is now gone. So my tears shed are a combination of emotions. He for sure is joining his blue bird angels, his Mom and other family members. They say time heals all wounds but to be honest no amount of time will ever completely heal this wound nor do I want it to. But I will cherish my time I was lucky enough to share with him. I thank all of you for letting me share his journey and for all your kind words, sharing this has been my therapy. And when we see each other, do not be afraid to bring up Jack, I cannot promise I will not cry, but I can promise I will cherish the memory we will share.


There will be no service at this time as we are planning to have a celebration of life at some time in the future.


Bluebird Symbolism in Christianity:


In Christianity, the bluebirds have a sacred symbolism. They are considered to be angels in disguise, flying down the Earth as messengers from the world of the Gods. It is believed that our guardian angels send down these birds in order to deliver important messages to us. Because these birds are said to carry messages, it’s important to open your mind and heart whenever you see one, as well as trust your intuition. You never know what type of message you will receive, or how it will appear to you, so it’s vital to be ready for any possibility.

Bluebirds are also believed to be symbols of angelic presence. This would suggest that whenever you see a bluebird, or bluebird imagery, you’re being reminded of the fact that you’re not alone. This is another reason why you should always open your heart and mind whenever you see one of them.

Therefore, when a bluebird appears in front of us, we should open our hearts and minds to their spirit and allow them to impart to us the wisdom that they’ve been trusted with. It is also believed that these angelic birds can come to us when we are lonely and need the warmth of someone’s company.”