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2019/2020 Varsity Tryout Schedule

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Junior Varsity League Information


Dear ISHL Prep Parents,

I understand there may be some confusion and perhaps some hurt feelings about the ISHL no longer offering a prep league starting this upcoming season (2019/2020).  For full transparency, the ISHL board was informed this summer that the local rinks had made an independent decision to start an in-house U14 program starting this upcoming season and would not be providing ice to the ISHL for Prep program.  Although the ISHL board was clearly disappointed, as we felt we had a strong Prep program, we also felt that the city of Houston hockey community could not support both a U14 in-house and Prep program.  The overlap in player ages would result in both programs having low numbers and would be not benefit the overall goal to promote hockey in Houston.


The ISHL board felt this left a player development gap between in-house and the ISHL Varsity program and decided to offer  a new program to enhance the Hockey in Houston – the NEW  ISHL JV program.  This program should be considered a rebranding and expansion of the previous ISHL Prep Select program.  The aim is target players who would not fall into the new 14U local rink programs.  This left the following player pool to draw from and with the limited ice that was available for our organization we set the eligibility of the JV as follows.


  • Open to all travel players grade 7-10
  • 14U in-house players may only participate if currently enrolled in a local rink in-house program
  • 15 year olds
  • 16 year olds
  • *17 year old if new to sport or not ready for varsity level of play.  Must reach out to league executives and petition for spot, must be approved by league


The goal of this new league is to focus on skill development and get players ready for Varsity.  We would like to see our Varsity level of play increase and team sizes and participation grow.  It is a program to prepare players for Varsity by introducing a higher skilled player pool without the aggressive physicality during games which promotes  skill development. 


As highlighted above, this new league is focused on enhancing player skill development (skating, passing and shooting) with all the top players at this age group, it will be NO CHECK GAMES.  We understand that checking is also a key element within Varsity, it will be allowed and properly taught in the controlled practice environment.


Please note that if you elect to not register for the ISHL Varsity program,  and then are not successful in making the JV roster (tryouts) you will not be eligible to play Varsity until next season.  All players must be registered for Varsity before Varsity draft day.  See rule book for additional information.


The price of this new league is set to attract players and promote increased participation in the ISHL.  



Full Credit Card Payment - 575

Credit Card Payment Plan - 650

Full Payment w/ Check - Enter “checkpayment” on registration screen.  Payment due before 10/1 or spot will be forfeited.


Included within the price is:


Two jerseys will be provided, 1 Game and 1 practice


Min 15 weekly games

Min 15 weekly practices

Up to 2 additional Playoff games


Banquet Awards Eligible for Top Players


Please note that this is a competitive league and tryouts will be held in mid-September..  Watch for additional details.



* Registration/Payment does not guarantee a roster spot, full refund will be provided in the event the player is not successful

** If you want to register but not pay at this time, please use code checkpayment  when registering.


We look forward to the successful launch of this new program and will be looking to for your support and feedback to enhance the program as we move forward.



Mike Cuomo, ISHL President

Letter from the President

My name is Michael Cuomo, I was recently elected the President of the ISHL.  Many of you all already know me and know that I’ve been involved with the ISHL as a coach, league official and executive for over 10 years.  I’m excited to be able work with you all in this new capacity. 

We will be implementing some new ideas and will be providing a new experience for our players.  Like always, I’d also like to encourage you all to get involved, whether that’s as an elected official or volunteer, every person can help.  Please reach out to the executive board ( if you have any interest in being a part of this new direction and future.  Thank you for your commitment to hockey in Houston and the ISHL.

The biggest changes you will see this season is the revamping of the Prep Hockey League to the new Non-Checking Junior Varsity program, New Website and Social Media communications  and the addition of credit card payment plans for your player league fee.  

Having a JV program focused on skill development and proper checking instruction in practice, while being a step for those looking to get into the sport, will allow the ISHL to improve the overall talent level of the varsity league.  The goal of this change is to keep players interested in the game of hockey and keep them in the ISHL program from JV to Varsity.  Ultimately we aim to create a highly competitive varsity environment for the best players around the city that will give them the chance at competing against some of the top high school teams in the state, with the goal of winning a state title.

Registration is NOW OPEN, payments in full are given a slight discount.

Please note that if you elect to only register for JV tryout and not register for the ISHL Varsity program,  and then are not successful in making the JV roster (tryouts) you will not be eligible to play Varsity until the following season.  All players must be registered for Varsity before Varsity draft day.  Full refund for JV will be provided to any player that pays for JV but is not successful in getting a roster spot at tryouts. 

See rule book for additional information.

Some of highlights this season are below:

·         New Junior Varsity program – This program will focus on developing players for entry into the Varsity program.  This program will focus on skill development and proper hockey techniques to ensure a player’s successful transition to varsity.

o   $575 Full Payment /$650 Payment Plan Player Fee

o   Eligibility

§  Open to travel hockey players

§  In-house 14U – Only able to register if concurrently enrolled in rink in house program, email proof of registration to

§  15 years of age at start of season

§  16 years of age at start of season

§  *17 years – Must send an email to and petition JV commissioner to join.

o   Non – Checking

o   Credit Card Payment Plans for Player Fee

o   Overall Reduced Cost from Prep Last Season

o   Weekend Games

o   4 team league


·         Varsity program

o   $1,300 Full Payment / $1,375 Payment Plan Player Fee

o   No cost increase from previous year

o   Longer Games (15 min periods)

o   Top teams will attend State Tournament

o   Open to Grade Levels – (9th thru 12th)


Team Managers/Representatives Training Sessions 2019-2020
Varsity  8/17/2019
Varsity Registration opens 8/1/2019
Team Try-Out/Evaluations  
Varsity Tryouts - Willowbrook, Sugar Land, Aug 24- Aug 26
Varsity Divisional Try-Outs  
Varsity Coaches Meeting 9/7/2019
Varsity South Division TRYOUTS 8/24/2019
Varsity North Division TRYOUTS 8/25/2019
Varsity pre-draft coaches meeting TBD
Varsity Player Draft -  TBD
Varsity Game Schedule Posted on Website 10/5/2019
Varsity USA Hockey Registration Deadline (USA Hockey) 9/28/2019
Varsity  Registration Deadline & Rosters Finalized 9/29/2019
Varsity Player Fees Due 10/5/2019
Varsity Team Pictures Due 12/14/2019
Back ground check 9/6/2019
Practices Start  
Varsity 9/14/2019
Season Games Start  
Varsity 9/28/2019
Final Date for Roster Ads 12/15/2019
Seniors Game/AllStar/Skills Competition TBD
TAHA State Championship tournament 1/24-1/26 - 2019
Varsity Playoff weekend 3/21/2019
Banquet TBD
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The overall purpose of the ISHL is to promote high school hockey and create new teams throughout the Houston and surrounding area with the goal of obtaining 100% participation from the named school as quickly as possible. The ISHL strives to offer the high school ice hockey experience to as many high school athletes as possible. The program is designed to have teams comprised solely of players that attend the designated school. We realize that because high school hockey is still relatively new to Houston the concept of having each team comprised 100% of players from one specific school is unrealistic. Therefore, if roster slots remain after all players from the individual schools are placed, then players from other schools in the district as well as other school districts will be placed. The ISHL is committed to the establishment and promotion of a premier high school ice hockey program in Houston. The ISHL conforms to all school district regulations as closely as possible, including the No Pass/No Play rule. The ISHL encourages and supports each team to strive to obtain and maintain official club status through their respective school administration as quickly as possible. 


Debbie Crabtree

Varsity Commissioner

Jeremy Hicok

JV Commissioner